Games & eLit


Between the CracksBetween the Cracks (forthcoming)
Between the Cracks is an interactive literary fiction piece that explores the events leading up to a violent school tragedy. The work allows readers to move through the space of the story, changing point of view and following different characters to experience each character’s perspective as the story unfolds. The piece highlights the ways that perception informs our understanding of the world and explores the tensions between identity and persona, knowledge and perception.


Elsewhere (2015)
Elsewhere is a short hypertext fiction about water rations in 300 words. The piece explores scarcity through strict time limits and hectic mechanics. It builds a rich experience in very few words.  Elsewhere was written for TwinyJam, an event in which authors made games with the Twine authoring tool in 300 words or less.



Stop & Smell (2013)
Stop & Smell is an interactive narrative installation that explores the boundaries of literature and digital sculpture. It invites readers to construct a narrative by interacting with illuminated paper flowers. As viewers smell the flowers, their understanding of the story changes and takes new directions, exploring themes of success, happiness, and expectation along the way.


The Hollow MenThe Hollow Men (2013)
The Hollow Men is a 2D adventure-game inspired by the famous T. S. Elliot poem. The player controls a hollow man who has just regained his sentience. His struggle to gain his humanity is constantly under attack from other hollow men and atrocities as he descends into death’s dream kingdom.



On a Train in TurkeyOn a Train in Turkey (2013)
On a Train in Turkey is a hypertext fiction that explores the experience of sexual assault in a foreign country. The work uses the reader’s limited agency as a formal device, engaging linking structures as both diegetic choices and extra-diegetic connections formed in the minds of the reader to convey the powerlessness and trauma experienced by the protagonist.


Ana (2013)
Ana is a parser-based text adventure piece about eating disorders written in Inform 7. The reader plays a troubled young woman trying to navigate the difficult social space around food and body image. The piece subverts standard interactive fiction conventions, using familiar commands in interesting ways and limiting players’ choices to convey the frustration and skewed reality that eating disorders inflict.